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Signal is the best way to run your private clinic. Build a beautiful website on our platform, take bookings online, automate emails and manage patient notes, letters and test results in one convenient place. All securely encrypted in the cloud, yet accessible anywhere.

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Dominic, Principal

Why Signal?

When I was helping to establish a private medical clinic in London, we struggled to find suitable software to assist us with marketing the website, taking bookings, handling patient data and ultimately being flexible enough to cope with a growing business that wanted to innovate. There was no single integrated system that would do it all, and much of the software available was outdated, inflexible and inconvenient to use.

We all agreed there should be a better way: creating a modern, integrated platform to simultaneously empower clinicians to do their best work and to deliver an exceptional digital experience for patients. It has been designed by experienced technologists working closely with doctors and administrative staff, and tested thoroughly with patients.

This is Signal: our vision of how a modern private clinic could and should work with the help, not hindrance, of technology. We think you’ll love it.


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A website to digitally market your clinic

A well-designed website is the cornerstone of any clinic these days - and we know exactly what makes such a website tick. We’ve built them from scratch for brand new clinics, and seen their revenue explode as a result. We’ve taken all our learnings, tricks and techniques from this process and concentrated them in Signal - all for your benefit.

For the patient, Signal hosts a beautiful, fast and secure website for you that works brilliantly over desktop, tablet and mobile - allowing patients to find you wherever they are in the world. It’s optimised for Google rankings and blogging is built in too, so you can publish articles to a huge audience of potential patients who are actively seeking your expertise.

A system to digitally manage your clinic

The beauty of Signal is that everything is integrated. For example, when a patient makes a booking on your website, it appears instantly in Signal. Meanwhile, the website updates to show the booked slot as unavailable and the patient receives a confirmation email. There's no need to tinker with multiple systems - everything works together flawlessly in one place.

Everything you’d expect from a sophisticated clinic management system is here. Upload patient letters and test results and store them encrypted in the cloud, instantly review and modify patient notes at the touch of a button, change clinician availability, create invoices, record payments, view clinic schedules and much more.

A focus on automation

At Signal, we’re particularly interested in automation: how we can get computers to efficiently perform the many repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks that are crucial to a functioning clinic. Signal is the platform to enable this to happen.

For example, patients can log into their secure portal to upload test results and any other data you require from them. They can also access their notes, so there’s no need for them to ring your office to request them to be posted out. Letters sent by your clinic to the patient and their GP are automatically added to the portal too, so there’s a clear correspondence trail.

We are currently accepting applications from a limited number of private clinics to join Signal. If you would like to be part of this, please send us an email below and we will be in touch. Thank you.